Letting the kids be free to be kids

I love to have the kids in my session be themselves. When I first started taking photos I was always told not to get the back of people because no one likes them. I don't play by the rules and I absolutely love capturing all angles. I have them run around and if their are more than one child I have them do a little game of tag. I also carry a speaker on me and I will play some music for them so that they can get comfortable in the session and not be bored. This method helps to capture the true nature of the child. Using black and white feels like it tells a deeper story, you get so many details in a black and white image.

Capturing details

In the first two images I wanted the clouds to stand out and black and white really does the job. I use Lightroom for the majority of my edits. I love the preset that comes with Lightroom that is under the BW category and it's the "Flat" one, I tend to favor this one because of all the details that it allows to show up in the images. The second two the details are in the faces of the these two girls. Their personalities were definitely captured in this session.

Blurred images

I was also taught to trash all blurred images. I mentioned before that I don't like to play by the rules and it shows with this image. I think it is just the right amount of blur and the black and white photo helps to capture all the details.

San Antonio, TX Photographer

These photos were done in La Vernia, TX. I love traveling so going to cities all around me is a treat for sure. I love being able to capture people the way they are. My first love when it came to photography was Black and White portraits by Ansel Adams. Needless to say I absolutely adore black and white images and love what they can do to an image to give the story depth.

Enter a Heading